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World Maritime Day- South Africa as a Maritime Country and Gateway to Antarctica

2020 World Maritime Day theme is “Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet” With the connection of Antarctica, the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa highlights the vessels that crossed  the Southern Ocean to Antarctica. South Africa has a long maritime history and a long history as the Gateway to Antarctica via the Southern Ocean.  Today we celebrate World Maritime Day with the vessels that have made the journey to the South since 1739.

S.A. Agulhas II  – our current polar vessel since 2012. Currently on its way to Gough Island.

                                     (Above L-R: S.A. Agulhas – first dedicated polar vessel and the R.S.A)

                                   South African Naval Vessels that made the journey to our Sub-Antarctic Islands. (Above L-R: SAS Transvaal to Marion Island 1947, SAS Natal to Tristan da Cunha 1947, SAS Simon van der stel to Gough Island in 1969. (Images from SA Naval Museum, Simons Town)

But even since 1739 vessels made their way from South Africa. (Below L-R: the Erebus, the Terra Nova and the Challenger)

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