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Meteorology Day 23 March

International Meteorology Day is celebrated on 23 March every year and it is an opportunity to appreciate the efforts made in the field of meteorology and weather forecasting, as well as to raise awareness about climate change and its impact on our planet.  The theme for World Meteorological Day in 2024 is “At the frontline of climate action.”  This year’s theme aims to encourage global cooperation, coordination, and communication related to weather, climate, and water to help society gain a deeper understanding of the weather and climate system in light of global warming.

South Africa is at the frontline with our Overwintering teams of  the South African National Antarctic Programme as meteorological technicians and assistants on Antarctic and Marion and Gough Island. The South African Weather service has a proud history of research and operations in the sub-Antarctic and on Antarctica. For more than 60 years, the SAWS has sent personnel to monitor critical weather and climate parameters in these inhospitable regions. The data collected at these unique climate “laboratories” of Gough and Marion Islands and SANAE IV on Antarctica are important for the navigation of passing vessels, warning South Africa of impending severe weather systems (in the case of Gough Island), as well as providing an insight into climate change.

Meteorologists at SANAP stations:

Antarctica - SANAE IV
Siphesihle Faltein -  Assistant Meteorological Technician
Marion Island 
Kelebogile Mogotsi - Senior Meteorological Technician
Keith Odwa Obose  -  - Assistant Meteorological Technician
Ndaedzo Nthulani -  Assistant Meteorological Technician
Gough Island 
Mbulaheni Kelcey Maewashe - Senior Meteorological Technician
James Burns -  Assistant Meteorological Technician
Fulufhelo Brenda Khobo -  Assistant Meteorological Technician

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