Olympus IX81 Microscope

The Olympus IX-81 is an advanced motorised inverted fluorescent microscope system with a variety of objectives (4x – 100x) and an F-view cooled CCD camera. This instrument utilises a Xenon-Arc burner as a light source and is equipped with 360nm, 492nm and 572nm excitation filters. The instrument is equipped with a U/B/G triple-band pass emission filters for the detection of blue, green and red fluorescent markers as well as GFP, CFP and YFP filters. The Olympus Relief Contrast system allows for phase contrast imaging. The instrument uses Cell-R Live Imaging software for data acquisition and analysis. With a high signal-to-noise ratio, compensation for chromatic aberration, high transmittance, and a resolution limit of 200nm, this instrument allows for high performance detection of fluorescent signals. Thus, this instrument provides impressive image quality and data through a wide range of the light spectrum.


For instrument scpecifics, please click here Specification sheet Olympus IX81. For bookings or more information contact Mrs Lize Engelbrecht.