Faculty of Law condemns degrading conduct

The Faculty of Law is deeply distressed about a reported incident at Huis Marais this past weekend, which infringed the human dignity of a fellow student.

The Faculty of Law recognises the role that it has to play in fostering the ideals of transformative constitutionalism. Awareness-raising and a zero-tolerance of racism and ill-treatment of others are important elements of academic and civil society initiatives to end racism, sexism, and other social evils. Lawyers, prospective lawyers, and trained legal professionals have much to do to achieve the dreams and goals as set out in the Constitution. We refer to the pledge that law students signed in their first year which is attached to this statement.

The Faculty fully supports the statement of Dr Choice Makhetha (the Senior Director of the Division for Student Affairs) as well as the formal SU procedures that any victim of racist or degrading conduct may initiate.

Follow this link for the Faculty of Law Pledge.

Follow this link for Faculty letter to Law students. [For isiXhosa, click here; for Afrikaans, click here.]

The Faculty of Law is furthermore deeply distressed to have been informed of a reportedly racist incident at the Law Dance on Thursday, 12 May 2022. Although we are yet to establish all the facts related to the incident (and the outcome of any related disciplinary process), we condemn any form of discrimination in the strongest of terms.

We fully support the process prescribed in terms of the SU Student Disciplinary Code in this regard.

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