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Gough Island Overwintering team gets exceptional coffee sponsor

Coffee lovers will know there’s coffee and then there’s coffee. In many of the newlsetters, written by Gough Island, SANAE and Marion Island overwintering team members, the mentioning of coffee occur. Coffee brings team members together, whether it’s breakfast time, tea time or late night shifts.

During the packing process, before the departure of Gough 65 (the current overwintering team on Gough Island), the team leader Errol Julies realised the team needs a coffee sponsor, as there is nothing like a special cup of coffee.

Errol came into contact with Antarctic Legacy of South Africa and the project was able to secure the team an exceptional coffee sponsor. A big thank you to the artisan roasters of Terbodore Coffee Roasters, Franschhoek. The team can now grind and brew this quality coffee to perfection, throughout the year.

Call to all current and previous overwintering team members: Please share your coffee story with us and let’s continue the ‘coffee legacy’ within the South African National Antarctic programme.


Some coffee stories on the ALSA archive:

Bernard Meyer making Coffee inside base 1963 on Gough. Link: Click on the photo to visit the archive.
Johan Bothma and team mate heating water for coffee. They are taking a break from walking around Gough Island.









Roasting coffee beans during the last take-over at SANAE IV – January 2019.


Ria Olivier and Anché Louw, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, Department of Botany and Zoology, Stellenbosch University, 16 October 2019

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