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Day 14 of a 21-Day Journey through the ALSA Digital Repository: Food Supplies

They say food warms hearts. That seems pretty important on a small speck of an island in the middle of the vast South Atlantic Ocean”. Form Gough recipe Booklet

A big part of this year was sharing the preparation of the team meals. Some of us had never really done any cooking. Some were enthusiastic amateur cooks but needed to learn to cook for 10! Since we are only supplied once a year, we couldn’t just run out and buy an ingredient that we didn’t have. Recipe selection was often based on what we did have. However, the cooking was also a lot of fun! Part of that fun was finding creative alternatives to ingredients that we didn’t have or had run out. The best part of cooking, however, was the social aspect. Guys would often sit in the kitchen with the team that was cooking and just chat and relax, unwinding and connecting while the weather raged outside” from the SANAE recipe Booklet.

             Gough Recipe Booklet

In the SANAE48 Newsletter the Endurance in 2009, there is a great article by the medical doctor about nutrition in Antarctica. Over the years many recipes have been invented with what is available in the food supply store as there is not a shop nearby where you can buy any ingredients.

Recipes and images available on ALSA archive

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