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International World Book and Copyright Day

23rd April is the United Nations World Book and Copyright day. The message for the year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic is as follows:

Through reading and the celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, we can open ourselves to others despite distance. We can travel thanks to imagination. From April 1st to 23rd, UNESCO is sharing quotes, poems and messages to symbolize the power of books and encourage reading as much as possible. By creating a sense of community through the shared readings and the shared knowledge, readers around the world can connect and mutually help curb loneliness. In such circumstances, we invite students, teachers, and readers from around the world, as well as the whole book industry and library services, to testify and express their love for reading. We encourage you to share this positive message with others through #StayAtHome and #WorldBookDay. The more people we can reach, the more people may be helped.”

Many books have been published about Antarctica and the sub Antarctic islands.  Just to introduce you to a few publications on this international day.

The latest to the  collection of books published by the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa(ALSA) is Ant{ink}tica by Jess Verheul.



Also published by the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa(ALSA):

The white Horizon; Antarctic diary December 1959- January 1961

By Andre le Roux van der Merwe



Pain forms the character; Doc Bester, cat hunters and sealers.

By Nico de Bruyn and Chris Oosthuizen



Katjagter; ‘n Marion-eiland storie.

By Erika Nortje



Exploring a Sub-Antarctic Wilderness; a personal narrative

By Brian J Huntley



Previous publications available from (ALSA)


Marion and Prince Edward Islands; Africa’s southern islands. by Aleks Terrauds, John Cooper, Steven L Chown and Peter Ryan.

The Prince Edward Islands; Land-sea interactions in a changing ecosystem. By Steven L Chown and Pieree W Froneman.

Gough Island; a natural history. by Christine Hänel, Steven L Chown and Kevin J Gaston.


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