LegacyMarion Island

Preparations away! Marion77 getting the Christmas feeling!

Most people would like to celebrate Christmas and the festive season with loved one’s friend and family. At the South African National Antarctic Programme stations base in Antarctica, Marion Island and Gough Island this is not possible. They need to create their own space to take part in these festivities.


                 Marion77  Team Leader Winnie Moodaley and her team the team are putting décor in the base at Marion Island.

                                                            A lot of prepration with all the decorations. They shared these images with us.

                                      May your star shine bright and the angels watch over you

Over the Years many Christmas preparations and Celebrations took place. Overwintering teams of the different countries send Christmas wishes to one another. See collection of Christmas celebrations on the ALSA Archive.We wish all the South African overwintering team members all the best with getting prepared to celebrate with their station family!

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