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ALSA visiting the SANAE IV station

We are very excited to be able to finally share more images of ALSA’s trip to the South African National Antarctic Station, SANAE IV.

The first leg of the trip was the departure from Cape Town International to The White Desert Wolf’s Fang Runway, with the Gulfstream G550 jet. From here we left on the same day to SANAE IV, flying with the Twin Otter.

It was the most beautiful evening to fly to SANAE IV.

We stayed at SANAE IV for fourteen days (extended due to whiteout), where we gathered as much information as possible in and around the current research station. This included taking 360 degree footage, interviewing team members and Nolitha Construction personnel and gathering photographical material of all SANAE artefacts.

We had a ‘special leg’ in-between where we joined a courtesy helicopter flight from SANAE IV to the Norwegian Station, Troll. Here we met the team members, had a quick lunch and went on a base tour.

On the 14th day, all our work was done and the bad weather cleared up, so we were picked up by White Desert’s Twin Otter and spent one night in the Wolf’s Fang Runway camp, before heading back to Cape Town the next day.

Read the article ALSA visits the South African Station on Antarctica for more about our trip down South.

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