SA student elected for 2041 ClimateForce Antarctic Expedition

“A remarkable opportunity for Catherine Dunn to join the 2041 Foundation”

The year 2041 marks the re-negotiation of moratorium on mining in Antarctica, which designates Antarctica as a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science”.  The 2041 Foundation was founded by Robert Swan, OBE, a world renowned  environmentalist. He has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica through the promotion of renewable energy, recycling and sustainability in to raise awareness and in efforts of combating the effects of climate change.

This year, 2041 Foundation has invited a number of young leaders to form part of a global team which will head south to Antarctica from 17th March – 28th March 2022. Scholarships were awarded to candidates based on financial need and merit. The purpose and mission of this expedition is “to utilize adventure as a vehicle to preserve our planet. It is important that people go to Antarctica to observe the changes that are happening so that they can return home and become advocates for this last great wilderness on earth!” – extract from “2041 Foundation” 

Successful candidates will become a team member of the CFA22 expedition and linked to a global network of leaders who seek change, access to resources, and build connections to become pioneers in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

CFA22’s renowned ‘Leadership on the Edge’ program consists of a unique blend of leadership development, up-to-date climate change training, and sustainability education. The leadership team incorporates workshops on storytelling, writing, presentation, and public speaking to help guide participants on their leadership journey.” –  extract from “2041 Foundation” 

It is a privilege to introduce Catherine Dunn, an undergraduate student from the University of Cape Town. She has been selected as one of two South African students to represent South Africa on the CFA22 expedition.

Left: Catherine Dunn 

Right: Catherine with class mates at UCT


Learn more about Catherine Dunn:    Hello, my name is Catherine Dunn. I am extremely proud and honoured to be one of two South Africans selected to join renowned polar explorer Robert Swan O.B.E. and the ClimateForce 2041 Foundation on an Expedition to Antarctica in March 2022. This is not only a remarkable opportunity for me but an extraordinary chance to add South Africa’s voice to support climate activism. Climate change threatens all of us but as an African continent, we are most vulnerable to its effects – I have taken it upon myself to be part of the solution! I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Cape Town with great aspirations of being a catalyst of positive change in my community, university, country, and the world. I have been involved in many environmental and ocean advocacy initiatives, outreach projects, and leadership development, including being a trained education volunteer with the South African Association for Marine Biological Research, which has equipped me with the important skills of being a change maker. The future of our planet is in the hands of my generation. I have decided to take responsibility and make it my duty that we protect and conserve our environment because there is no “Planet B”.  Featuring global experts in climate science, renewable energy, and sustainability, this unique and immersive journey trains participants on these subjects. Most importantly, it will equip young leaders with the tools to create meaningful change and seek out pragmatic solutions in their communities, institutions, companies, and governments in order to benefit Antarctica and our planet.

On behalf of the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa we congratulate Catherine on being selected for this expedition and wish her well on this incredible adventure. ALSA will keep you posted on her journey to the South.

To learn more about the CFA22 expedition and 2041 Foundation: Climate Force Antarctica 2022

Article: Tahlia Henry

Cover Image: Tahlia Henry

Photos: Catherine Dunn


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