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ALSA celebrates Earth Day at Protea Heights Academy

Dr Mariëtte Wheeler, who has overwintered twice on Marion Island as an ornithological field assistant, organised an Earth Day 2022 event at Protea Heights Academy (PHA), where she currently teaches Life and Marine Sciences.

The event was focused on creating Ocean Awareness among the learners and teachers. ALSA was invited to attend and exhibit at this event, promoting South Africa’s scientific involvement in the Antarctic, surrounding Southern Ocean, and sub-Antarctic Marion Island.

Anche Louw and Tahlia Henry (ALSA) ready to promote SA’s scientific involvement in the Antarctic region.

Learners taking Marine Sciences at the Marine Sciences node schools (schools that currently offer Marine Sciences as an 8th subject) and learners taking Life Sciences at a neighbouring school with an interest in Marine Sciences, were invited by Protea Heights Academy (node school) to attend the event.

Click here to read more about the 8th FET Phase subject, Marine Sciences.

With the Marine Sciences learners that attended from PHA, Melkbosstrand High School (node school), Groote Schuur High School (the newest node school), Bernadino Heights (neighbouring school of PHA), teachers, and exhibitors, about 150 people attended the event.

Learners were introduced to a range of scientific fields, involving the ocean, e.g. Oceanography, Meteorology, Ornithology, etc. The South African Weather Service (SAWS) and the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) offered an interactive display, where learners were introduced to Argo floats.

Through the event, money was also raised for the Mouse-Free Marion Project, with the art competition “Sea Beyond Ocean Awareness”, where learners paid an entry fee. Pancakes and coffee were sold, of which a portion went towards MFM.

What was on the programme:

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Anche Louw, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, 26 April 2022.

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