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Environmental Month South Africa DONATE NOW  –  Do your part for #GenerationRestoration. Leave a legacy behind restore the environment for future generations. HELP US SAVE MARION ISLAND’S SEABIRDS ! With your support we can ensure a healthy future for Marion Island and its seabirds CLICK HERE to Donate or buy a hectare or READ more […]

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The Prince Edward Island 2023 Expedition members smile for the camera, with the S.A. Agulhas II offshore. Photo Credit: David Hedding South Africa’s sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands, consisting of Marion Island and Prince Edward Island (PEI), were declared a Special Nature Reserve in 1995.  Together, they form an internationally important breeding site for a diversity […]

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The Mouse-Free Marion Project is pleased to announce the appointment of Antarctic scientist and conservationist Professor Steven Loudon Chown FAA as an International Patron, joining four others.  They are His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh seabird author and illustrator Peter Harrison MBE, South African businesswoman Gloria Tomatoe Serobe and Christel Takigawa, anchorwoman based in […]