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Environmental Month South Africa DONATE NOW  –  Do your part for #GenerationRestoration. Leave a legacy behind restore the environment for future generations. HELP US SAVE MARION ISLAND’S SEABIRDS ! With your support we can ensure a healthy future for Marion Island and its seabirds CLICK HERE to Donate or buy a hectare or READ more […]

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The Mouse-Free Marion Project’s campaign worked hard through social media with daily postings to Facebook and Instagram; a gam of juvenile Wandering Albatrosses displaying on Marion Island; photograph by Tom Peschak Last month the Mouse-Free Marion Project made it into the final round of the 2022 European Outdoor Conservation Association’s (EOCA) latest project funding vote. […]

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The Mouse-Free Marion Project that aims to eradicate the sub-Antarctic island’s “killer mice” has recently made it to the shortlist of the category ‘Wild Places’ and is in the final round to be awarded funding by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) which would contribute to the project’s goal.  The shortlisted projects go through a […]