Expand the Knowledge of our Children. Day 2 takes our younger generation on a short journey to learn more about the Antarctic region and South Africa’s involvement. On Saturdays ALSA will try and expand our kidz knowledge of the world around them. ALSA compiled a activity booklet. This booklet can be used for different age groups. […]

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SIC2018, Stellenbosch University

We enjoyed our SIC2018 journey with 1st year BSc students at Stellenbosch University (SU). This year’s 1st Year BSc students completed a new compulsory module (Science in Context – SIC) where they had to choose a topic that will be researched, written up and presented. ALSA had the opportunity to propose 7 Antarctic (including sub-Antarctic […]


Promoting South Africa’s involvement in the Antarctic Region. Antarctic Legacy of South Africa (ALSA) will be supplying flyers to all interested Universities for Open Days. These flyers are to be placed at the University Departments or Faculties stalls with a current involvement in the Antarctic Region (including Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and the sub-Antarctic Regions […]


In December last year the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa launched a brand new edition of its Activity Booklet, especially for Antarctica Month, to create Antarctic awareness among the youth of South Africa. Included in this Antarctica Month Activity Booklet was a logo-design and colouring competition. The idea of the competition was to introduce children, […]

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Promoting South Africa’s involvement in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic has become a great passion for ALSA. This involves communicating the science that is conducted in these regions. Children find it fascinating and we often get call-backs from teachers wanting to know more about the South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP). We feel proud to bring […]

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On the 20th of December, the same day that the Akademik Treshnikov departed on the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (see more about this departure in the next article), we entertained children at the small amphitheatre of the V&A Waterfront. In order to create Antarctica month awareness, we continued the colouring competition, where children had to colour […]


The Antarctic Legacy of South Africa had a successful Antarctica Day on 1 December, when South Africa’s involvement in the Antarctic was shared amongst schoolchildren. Unfortunately the V&A Waterfront had some logistical problems, hence our planned Antarctica Day celebrations had to shift to school visits instead. In the end the day went well as we […]

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It is truly a passion of ALSA (Antarctic Legacy of South Africa) to promote South Africa’s scientific involvement in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions (Antarctica, the African Sector of the Southern Ocean and the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward, Marion and Gough Islands). The ground-breaking science that is conducted in these regions is worth sharing to the […]

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Policy and Operations Session & Historical, Social and Educational Perspectives Session. The second-last session, Policy and Operations, of the 2016 SANAP Symposium was chaired by Tracy Klarenbeek (National Research Foundation, Department of Science and Technology). During this session Dr Gilbert Siko (Director: Science Platforms, Department of Science and Technology) gave us an update on the […]

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The aim of the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa Project is to preserve and promote the legacy of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic expeditioners. With this we are entering a new phase, where promoting science is very important to us. Promoting science in the Antarctic region is undertaken by social communication and interaction by visiting schools and […]