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World Book and Copyright Day 24 April 2024

World Book and Copyright Day in South Africa is observed on April 23rd each year. The day presents an outstanding opportunity to revel in the country’s literary tradition and underscore the indispensable role of copyright in fostering creativity and innovation.

Authors, compilers and editors l-r: Brian Huntley, Chris Oosthuizen, Erika Nortje, Jean Brundrit, Jess Verheul, John Cooper, Nico de Bruyn

World Book and Copyright Day pays tribute to books and authors. More than a simple celebration, the observance serves as a call to respect and safeguard authors’ rights worldwide through copyright protection. It aims to create a convergence of diverse cultures through the written word, facilitating cultural diversity and dialogue. (Below Books published by the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa)

Facts about World Book and Copyright Day:

  • Each year, UNESCO chooses a World Book Capital. In 2024, the World Book Capital will be Strasbourg, France.
  • UNESCO holds an event every year at their headquarters. Workshops for the young are conducted by booksellers, publishers and artists. The topics include illustration, bookbinding, typography, manga, and more.
  • In line with South Africa’s multilingual nature, books are published in all 11 official languages. However, the dominant languages for print are English.
  • Copyright for books in South Africa lasts for the author’s lifetime plus 50 years following their death. Following this period, the work enters the public domain.

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