AntarcticaInternational Celebration Day

Celebrating Antarctic Ambassador’s Day

Antarctic Ambassadorship Day is on April 24th – a day to celebrate Antarctic ambassadorship, share stories from Antarctic ambassadors and inspire others to join the community.

An Antarctic Ambassador, is anyone who:

Loves and respects the region,
Educates others by sharing their Antarctic experiences,
Advocates for Antarctica when opportunities arise, and
Protects the region by making positive changes at home.

LEAP is not only a handy acronym, but also the action we find returning visitors and other Antarctic enthusiasts take –leaping into ambassadorship and from passion to action for Antarctica.

But what does that mean in practice?

Love and respect the region. If you have traveled to Antarctica, there is a high chance you have returned home with a love for the region. But what does it mean to respect the region? Respect can come in many forms, but one way is to remember how Antarctica is not isolated and the actions we take at home can (and do) have an impact on it.

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