Month: June 2009

What is eLearning?

One of the most confusing aspects of eLearning is that nobody knows what it is. Did you know that the “e” does not stand for “electronic”. The”e” in eLearning would be better defined as Evolving or Everywhere or Enhanced or Extended Based on one reported survey from a very respected eLearning company, there are many people that have the wrong definition of eLearning. The survey asked 259 training managers at Fortune 500 firms what tools they use to create e-learning content. The top choice was PowerPoint with 66% of responses. Next was Microsoft Word with 63%, Macromedia’s Dreamweaver 61%...

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Protect yourself from colds and flu at work

There doesn’t have to be a flu pandemic for Health Science employees to remember to protect their health and safety while on the job. Every day we face health risks in the workplace, whether it’s infection, heavy lifting, repetitive motion, or plain old stress. I might only be an technical person, but I would like to remind you of some common sense tips you can use every day to stay healthy at work. First, let’s take a look at your personal workspace. Being tied to a desk has its own health risks, and if you are constantly sitting, typing,...

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