Month: July 2017

Identity Theft – Giving out your cellphone number

These days, it seems we have to hand out our cellphone number like sweets at a kids party. Whether it be required for signing up for a new account, entering into a raffle, returning a purchase at a retail store, or registering for a discount, your phone number seems to be like a “skeleton key” for opening up all manners of doors. Does giving out your cellphone number put you at risk of identity theft? The answer is both “Yes” and “No”. Yes, oversharing or giving out your number too frequently can lead to more scam calls, texts or...

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Reusing passwords – A bad and dangerous habit

According to International Business Times, a new study finds more than 80% of Americans reuse their passwords, and many others continue to use inadequate security practices when it comes to the passwords they use to protect their accounts. The security provider SecureAuth and research firmĀ  Wakefield Research found that not only do people use the same password more than once, they also use the same login credentials for at least 25 percent of their accounts. While most millennials are more tech savvy and open to new and more secure forms of authentication like biometrics, their password practices are worse...

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