Month: March 2013

Attack vectors – getting in through the back door

All software has defects (known as bugs) and bad design — which make computers vulnerable to attack. The Windows operating system, Office suites, media players, browsers and browser plug-ins are just a few examples of software that are open to attack. An Attack vector (or just vector) is a specific computer-system vulnerability, along with the path and method that exploits it. It’s just a particular way to gain access to a computer in order to install malware, gain external control, or extract user data. (You might have a state-of-the-art burglar alarm at home, but if you leave the back...

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E-Mail Hoaxes – sometimes as dangerous as the real thing

What is a Virus/E-Mail Hoax? Have you ever received an e-mail message that includes something like the following:  A warning of a new virus that you should send on to everyone you know. A warning of a scam that you should send on to everyone you know. A petition to help the needy or some cause that wants you to forward it on to those who might be interested. A get-rich-quick scheme that claims if you forward on the message you’ll receive money for each time it’s forwarded. A claim that for each email sent someone in need will...

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