Month: September 2009

After a week of Windows 7 – Part 1

Having worked with every Microsoft operating system since DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.11, I have had my fill of changes, incompatibilities and frustrations. There have been highlights (Windows 2000) lowlights (Windows ME) and all impressions in between. Two weeks ago I decided to install Windows 7 RTM (Release To Manufacturers) on my work computer. Microsoft released Windows 7 RTM to select groups such as Vendors, OEM partners and the University of Stellenbosch Information Technology department. I had refused to make the jump to Windows Vista, as I was of the opinion that Windows Vista should never have seen the...

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Pigeon Power for the South African Internet

You’d have to be bird-brained to think that South Africa’s broadband speeds are anything but atrocious, after a carrier pigeon strapped with a data card beat the country’s leading internet service provider. A South African information technology company – The Unlimited Company – frustrated with consistently slow internet transmission rates in their country, proved on Wednesday that it was faster for them to transmit data with a carrier pigeon to send it using Telkom. [stating the obvious aren’t we? –ed] Local news agency SAPA and subsequently Reuters reported the 11-month-old pigeon, Winston, took one hour and eight minutes to...

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