Month: April 2011

Who says good software has to be expensive … or cost money at all?

So you have gone out and purchased a computer (or a laptop)! Congratulations! It probably cost you a pretty penny and exhausted your bank balance for years to come, and when you start it up, you realise that although you might have a computer, you have no software for it apart from the basic operating system. (like Windows 7) How do you type a document, or create a spreadsheet to manage your budget, or you need to protect your computer against viruses. What can you do when your budget is tight? Working for the university does has its advantages....

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Your computer habits make you a phishing target

Your own computer behavior can be blamed for all those phishing emails cluttering up your in box. That’s the conclusion of a university-based communications research project: Pride in the number of social networking friends you have just might make you a target of those phishing schemes. The greater your number of contacts, the greater the exposure. The chances of becoming a phishing target are increased by the number of good deals you just couldn’t pass up on line. Of course, if you take the bait and actually respond to a phishing email, they’ve gotcha on the sucker list. Four...

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