Month: October 2010

FaceBook and Twitter users beware!

This is not a warning about a virus on Facebook or Twitter, but a disturbing tendency in South Africa of a legal nature: You would assume that your Twitter or Facebook profile is your own personal business and that you can share your feelings openly here with your friends. However, you should be very careful what you say on your social network profiles, as it could have unexpected consequences. Recently there have been a number of disciplinary cases against employees [but not within the university…yet!] who made negative comments about their employers on Facebook and Twitter, because they assumed...

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Why do people fall for hoaxes?

There’s One Born Every Minute – Or is There? So why do people fall for these hoaxes? A lot of it goes back to the noble desire to help others. Who wouldn’t want to warn others about a disaster? And it’s so easy to send the warning to hundreds of people at one time: with just a click, you’ve saved your friends from a virus! Another consideration is the uncertainty that people feel in dealing with computers. Look at the jdbgmgr.exe hoax, which is actually quite ingenious in its fashion. By asking users to confirm that the file is...

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