Day 2 of a 21 day Journey through the ALSA Digital Repository: Expand our Children’s Knowledge.

Expand the Knowledge of our Children. Day 2 takes our younger generation on a short journey to learn more about the Antarctic region and South Africa’s involvement. On Saturdays ALSA will try and expand our kidz knowledge of the world around them.

ALSA compiled a activity booklet. This booklet can be used for different age groups. This booklet has been used to create Antarctic Awareness among young children within South Africa. It was used during activities sessions at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town and handed out at a number of Western Cape schools. Please download, print and use as is. Booklet was compiled by Anché Louw.

There is more interesting material available on the ALSA archive, please browse through the archive. The Archive is an open source and children may use the images and materials in their school projects. If your children have any questions, please mail us . Children are welcome to scan their colouring pages and email it to us. We shall post it on our website.

Below a few pages from the booklet:

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