ALSA welcomes Tahlia Henry to the team!

Antarctic Legacy of South Africa (ALSA) is pleased to announce that the project is going full steam ahead for another 3 years . Detailed information of the South African National Antarctic Programme  (SANAP) funded projects will feature throughout the year on the SANAP website.

At the beginning of the year, we would like  to invite the SANAP community and families to keep us informed.  This will give us the opportunity to disseminate this information related to South Africans involved in Antarctic and Southern Ocean, on our websites and social media platforms. Promoting the legacy is a crucial part of keeping South Africa’s Antarctic legacy alive! We are looking forward to hearing from you, contact details below.

                                         Meet the ALSA office team(L-R) Ria Olivier, Anché Louw and Tahlia Henry .

With the start of 2021 the project would like to welcome Tahlia Henry to the team. She will be adding a huge amount of knowledge and experience to the project. I would like to wish her all the best and I do hope she will enjoy this new chapter in her life.  I know she will add her own style and passion within ALSA. (read more about Tahlia in Saturday Student)

Anché Louw will be working on a part time basis in 2021, as she will be focusing on acquiring an educational qualification that will be of great value to the project’s promotional aim. I would like to wish her all the best with her studies!

I am really looking forward in getting a lot done in the coming years, contuining to preserving a legacy that:

  • stretches over decades
  • will keep memories alive
  • will showcase South Africa’s importance in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean
  • inspires new generations.

All the best for 2021!

Ria Olivier, ALSA Principal investigator.

Contact me at riaolivier@sun.ac.za to inform us and to add your collections to the archive.


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