Justice Theron Public Lecture: Exploring constitutional adjudication during turbulent times

Justice Leona Theron

On Tuesday 25 July, the Department of Public Law hosted Justice Theron of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of South Africa. Justice Theron delivered a public lecture, where she addressed members of the university; staff and students alike. Justice Theron highlighted her close association with Stellenbosch University, as a proud parent whose daughters studied here. Her lecture focused on how the judiciary, in particular the Constitutional Court, navigates the increasing failures of the State and its institutions to meet their constitutional mandate.

Justice Theron encouraged all present, “What is your role – as academics, students, and future lawyers, in this process of constitutional transformation? You must be part of and embrace positive change.” In particular, she invigorated the students to choose a cause to work towards, reminding them that “Social justice starts with you and me”.

Ms Tanveer Jeewa (organiser of the event), Justice Theron, and Prof Bradley Slade (HOD: Public Law)



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