Polish Research Council awards funding for project on the impact of international criminal tribunals

The Polish Research Council has awarded funding for a multidisciplinary, five year research project on the legacy and domestic impact of international criminal tribunals. The members of the research team are Dr Klaus Bachmann (Wroclaw, Poland), Prof Gerhard Kemp (Stellenbosch) and Dr Irena Ristić (Belgrade, Serbia). The funds will be used to finance several seminars, conferences, field work, doctoral and postdoctoral research. Research students participating in the project will undergo further training which will also be funded by the project. The various disciplines involved and methods employed (international criminal law, political science, sociology, and history) will  entail a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative study of the impact of three prominent international criminal tribunals (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and the International Criminal Court) on selected domestic systems and societies (in the Balkans and in Africa). This is the first study of its kind.

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