Professor Sandra Liebenberg awarded the Stellenbosch University’s prestigious Chancellor’s Award

On 12 December 2014, Professor Sandra Liebenberg was awarded the Stellenbosch University Chancellor’s Award – the highest award that the University bestows on members of staff – during the final graduation ceremony of 2014.

Prof Liebenberg has made an exceptional contribution and is an internationally acclaimed scholar in the field of socioeconomic rights. Her field of study, expertise and engagement include the crucial areas of housing, healthcare, food, water, social security and education. Prof Liebenberg’s community interaction work has spanned a wide range of issues, namely dealing with public interest litigation, supporting campaigns of nongovernmental organisations, and advising parliament and government on the implementation of socio-economic rights through laws and policies. She is also an active contributor to public debate on the role of these rights in combatting poverty and inequality in South Africa. Her work is a model of how community interaction – a core pillar of academic citizenship – complements and enriches research and teaching.

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