The Young Minds Programme helps school-leavers, students, and young graduates to create their own career opportunities in life. The programme is presented by USB Executive Development (USB-ED), the private executive development company of Stellenbosch University.






*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Young Minds Programme 2021 successfully follows a Blended Learning model (part Remote Learning via Zoom – part Face-to-Face Learning). For the purposes of the SU Virtual Open Day, the Design and admission criteria, programme design and module content of the Young Minds Programme 2021 will still apply to 2022, however the means of learning and presentation is uncertain at this stage. USB-ED will be better placed to communicate how and where the programme will be presented, as well as the 2022 fees, towards the third quarter of 2021 (August / September).


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Admission requirements | What is the minimum admission %?

A National Certificate with a minimum average of 55%.

Admission requirements | What results do I apply with?

Provisional acceptance onto the programme will be granted based on the achievement of a minimum 55% for prelim / mid-year grade 12 results. Participants are still required to submit final grade 12 results to the Programme Manager on receipt, in order to be awarded his / her Stellenbosch University certificate on successful completion of the programme.

Admission requirements | Do I have to have done certain subjects in grade 12 to qualify for the Young Minds Programme?

No specific grade 12 subjects are required for admittance to the programme.

2022 Registration | When will registration open for 2022?

Registrations will be open from early September 2021, if not sooner. In order to be notified    once registrations open, we encourage you to email youngminds@usb-ed.com to have your name added to a waiting list.

2022 Registration | When will applications close for the 2022 programme?

+/- a month before the start of the programme. Assuming the 2022 programme will be permitted to start on time in early February, registration will close in early January 2022.

Accommodation, Language, Activities and Clubs | Can I apply for Stellenbosch University residence?

No, but for private accommodation options, contact Academia at applications@academia.co.za. In addition, the Private Student Organisation (PSO) is an organisation which caters to students who don’t live in the SU residences. PSO’s do not provide accommodation – it is the students’ own responsibility to find suitable private accommodation.

Accommodation, Language, Activities and Clubs | What is the official language of the Programme?


Accommodation, Language, Activities and Clubs | Can I partake in official university activities/clubs (like join a residence, Matie Sport etc)?

As a participant of this programme you are entitled to make use of the SU sports facilities (under certain conditions) and partake in the organised social activities on the SU campus through the Private Student Organisations (PSO).

Accreditation and Certification | Where does USB-ED fit in within the Stellenbosch University ecosystem?

USB-ED is a private company within Stellenbosch University and our focus is short course offerings in the fields of leadership and management. Our Programmes are certified by the University and quality-assured by the University of Stellenbsoch Business School.

Accreditation and Certification | What will be the value of the Certificate that I will receive?

The certificate that you will receive gets awarded to participants who successfully complete    the programme. It is not, however, a formal qualification and does not facilitate admission to a degree course at SU.

Accreditation and Certification | Is the course accredited?

USB-ED is accredited with the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) under the auspices of the University of Stellenbosch. The HEQC does not issue accreditation numbers to legally constituted training institutions such as USB-ED.

Accreditation and Certification | Is the course accredited internationally?


Accreditation and Certification | Can I earn credits towards my subsequent application for University (SU and others)?


Assessment & Requirements to pass | Do I have to do all the modules?


Assessment & Requirements to pass | Do I have assignments as well as individual and group projects?


Assessment & Requirements to pass | How do I qualify for the certificate?

By attending a minimum of 90% of activities and passing all subjects, assignments and projects with a minimum of 50%.

Access to a computer and internet | Do I need to have access to my own laptop and Wi-Fi?

As you will have to submit assignments electronically (no written assignments are accepted), you will need to have continuous access to a laptop with a stable, uninterrupted internet connection. This applies specifically to the compulsory Remote Learning modules, if applicable. Participants are responsible for their own arrangements relating to laptop access and stable Wi-Fi/data for self-study and remote learning, if applicable.

Access to a computer and internet | Will I have access to campus WiFi?

Yes, you will have access to campus WiFi when on campus (which is only accessible within Stellenbosch University buildings). If you are staying in a private residence, WiFi access must be privately arranged.

Access to a computer and internet | Will I have access to the SU library?

Library access can be arranged.

Permitted Activities outside of Young Minds | Is it permissible to re-write grade 12 subjects during the year while on the programme?

Yes, it is permitted to re-write grade 12 subjects during the year, however Young Minds Programme must take priority and no exceptions will be made in terms of attendance.

Permitted Activities outside of Young Minds | Is it permissible to participate in sports on a national level while on the programme?

Yes, as per above, assuming the Young Minds Programme takes priority.

Enquiries | Who can I contact if I have questions about the programme?

Please contact our enquiries team on info@usb-ed.com or +27 21 918 4488. See the course page on our website: https://usb-ed.com/courses/young-minds-programme/.