Prof Quinot elected President of AdJASA for 2017/8

Prof Geo Quinot, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law and Professor in the Department of Public Law, was elected as President of the Administrative Justice Association of South Africa (AdJASA) at the association’s annual general meeting held in Durban on 11 August 2017.

AdJASA, is a non-profit association with the broad aim of promoting administrative justice in South Africa. Its members include legal practitioners, public officials and academics with an interest in administrative justice. More specifically, AdJASA’s objects are:

  1. to promote knowledge of and interest in administrative justice;
  2. to provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinions on aspects of administrative justice among persons involved in, affected by, or interested in, that area of public power;
  3. to disseminate information about administrative justice and, in particular, current developments in the field;
  4. to publish and encourage the publication of papers, articles and commentaries about administrative justice;
  5. to arrange lectures, seminars and conferences about administrative justice;
  6. to make and disseminate reports, commentaries and submissions on aspects of administrative justice, both to organs of State and to the public at large, through the media or other means;
  7. to co-operate with institutions of academic learning, and with other institutions or persons having an interest in administrative justice, both within South Africa and abroad;
  8. to protect and promote the rule of law and accountability in the public interest by means of advocacy, engagement and co-operation with appropriate public and private bodies, and through litigation, after due consultation with the membership; and
  9. to explore mechanisms for the widening of access to administrative justice.

More details on the Association can be found on its website at

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