Two prestigious international research fellowships awarded to Prof. Gerhard Kemp


Gerhard Kemp, professor in the Department of Public Law, recently returned to the faculty after a seven month stay in Berlin, Germany, where he spent time as a senior research fellow at the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The Stiftung’s Academy in Berlin is aimed at interdisciplinary cooperation which focusses on finding solutions for the main challenges of our time. Fellows from the Bosch Stiftung also have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with fellows from the Brookings Institution in the United States. Gerhard worked on various publications and co-publications in the fields of international criminal justice and post-conflict studies. His fellowship formed part of an interdisciplinary research project with the theme “Dealing with the Past”. During his time in Berlin Gerhard collaborated with experts in the fields of history, political science, international relations, and film- and media studies. Gerhard was one of the first legal scholars to be awarded a fellowship by the Bosch Stiftung. The research outputs from his stay in Berlin will be published in various journals and in book publications.

Gerhard is also the recipient of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship, which was awarded to him for the period 2017 to 2019. This fellowship will enable Gerhard to collaborate with a colleague from Humboldt Universität, Berlin, in the areas of international and regional criminal justice. Gerhard will also make use of the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in the context of a new initiative, the South-North Criminal Justice Research Network (SNN), which aims to bring together experts in the field of criminal justice from the global south and north with an initial focus on researchers and institutions from Sub-Saharan Africa and Germany. Gerhard is a founding member of this initiative.

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