AntarcticaInternational Celebration Day

Celebrating South Africa as a Gateway Country to Antarctica on International Antarctica Day.

South Africa has been a gateway to Antarctica since early days and many vessels have since departed from Cape Town Harbour as well as Simon’s Town Harbour.

South Africa maintain a presence on Antarctica since 1959, below SANAE IV Base, read more about it on the SANAP website and browse through the images on the Antarctic Legacy Archive of early images of South Africa’s involvement

South Africa is the gateway to the sub-Antarctic Islands;


Prince Edward Islands (Prince Edward Island and Marion Island-above left) and  Gough Island-above right.

During December , April and September an overwintering team dpert with the S.A. Agulhas II form Cape Town Harbour.  Every year an overwintering team on our three stations keep South Africa’s involvement alive. Learn more about the research done at these stations.


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