Two new book publications by Prof Gerhard Kemp

The Faculty proudly announces two new publications by Professor Gerhard Kemp.

Individual Criminal Liability for the International Crime of Aggression (Intersentia: Antwerp/Cambridge) 2015

The second edition of this volume contains an overview and discussion of the historical and normative processes (legal and political) that culminated in the adoption of the Kampala Resolution. The different components of the resolution are critically assessed against the background of the various political and legal responses to aggression, while taking into account contemporary developments in the field of international criminal law. The volume is primarily but not exclusively concerned with the crime of aggression under the Rome Statute of the ICC. It also includes a chapter on national and regional criminal justice responses to aggression, notably developments concerning the amendments to the Protocol on the Statute of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, which also provides for the criminalisation of aggression.


Gerhard Kemp - Individual Criminal Liability

Criminal Law in South Africa (OUP: Cape Town) 2015

The second edition by G Kemp and others contains new chapters, including a new chapter on offences of international and transnational concern, namely terrorism, human trafficking and torture. The text also incorporates important legislative and jurisprudential developments. The law is stated as at August 2015.


Gerhard Kemp - Criminal Law (Second Edition)




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