Constitution of the Centre for Invasion Biology (C∙I∙B)

The Centre for Invasion Biology (C∙I∙B) is a Type 2 academic and research entity of Stellenbosch University (SU) with a national, regional, and international scope and mandate. The Centre resides within the School for Climate Studies. As a Type 2 Centre, C∙I∙B’s activities are significantly interdisciplinary in nature, and it aims to enhance its activities and contribution within Africa, especially through scientific risk assessment in national and multi-lateral forums and global scientific and policy bodies, advancing technical guidance, and implementation of response actions. The Constitution of C∙I∙B serves as a guide for the high-level management and strategic decision-making of the Centre, and applies to all staff, associates, and projects regarding Centre-specific activities.

Download PDF version of the C∙I∙B Constitution