Dave Richardson

Prof. Dave Richardson is Director of the C·I·B and a Professor in the Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University. His research focuses mainly on plant invasions, especially trees and shrubs. He is interested in the biogeography, ecology and management of invasions. David stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Diversity and Distributions in 2015 after 19 years in the editorial hot seat.

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John Measey
Deputy Director: Research Strategy
Prof John Measey is the Deputy Director: Research Strategy at the C·I·B. His research includes studies into the invasive African amphibian Xenopus laevis and its impact on local biota as a domestic exotic in South Africa as well as in Europe (INVAXEN).
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C·I·B Core Staff

Karla Coombe-Davis
Database Manager
Karla Coombe-Davis is our Principal Technical Officer (Database Management) and is involved in the maintenance of a web-based data retrieval and submission system; data collection, verification and storage and development and maintenance of the C·I·B website.
Dorette du Plessis
Outreach Manager
Dorette du Plessis is the Outreach Manager of the C·I·B. Her duties include the management of the Iimbovane Outreach Programme, and the reporting and liaison with funders and higher education institutions.
Suzaan Kritzinger-Klopper
Chief Technical Officer
Suzaan Kritzinger-Klopper is the Senior Technical Officer of the C·I·B. In assisting the core team members and their students, Suzaan is the overall responsible person for field work. She is also the liaison for permits, landowners and all other parties. Her main area of interest is in fynbos botanical diversity, and she helps with basic plant identification.
Subrina Kumschick
Sabrina Kumschick is a researcher at the C·I·B, funded by the Invasive Species Programme of the South African National Biodiversity Institute.
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Elrike Marais
Project and Research Manager
Dr Elrike Marais is a Project and Research Manager at the C·I·B. Elrike manages the Stellenbosch University HOPE/C·I·B projects and the Working for Water Programme funded research projects. In addition, she assists the Director in data collection and analyses, and physiology students in the laboratory.
Christy Momberg
Management Assistant
Christy Momberg is a Management Assistant and is responsible for providing administrative support for the C·I·B senior management team.
Londiwe Msomi
Education Outreach Officer
Londiwe is the Education Outreach Officer for the Iimbovane Outreach Project. She is responsible for organising outreach activities including campus visits, learner and educator workshops, and giving talks at schools. She also attends career fairs and offers career information to school learners.
Erika Nortje
Lab Manager
Erika Nortje is the Lab Manager for the C·I·B Physiology and Ecology laboratory. She is responsible for equipment maintenance, lab safety, coordinating space and equipment usage, supply chain management, animal husbandry and occasionally assists with experiments. Erika also supports the logistic arrangements and fieldwork for the Cederberg long-term project and she curates data for the various C·I·B microclimate sites.
Brian van Wilgen
Prof. Brian van Wilgen is an applied ecologist based at the Centre for Invasion Biology at Stellenbosch University. He has broad interests in conservation and ecosystem management, with a focus on fire ecology, and the ecology of invasive alien plants. He serves as a part-time staff member working on invasive species research in his capacity as Emeritus Professor.
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John Wilson
SANBI Researcher
Prof. John Wilson is a researcher with the South African National Biodiversity Institute based at the Department of Botany and Zoology, Stellenbosch University. He is interested in the ecology and evolution of biological invasions, and how humans have influenced these processes. He is also working on why certain introduced populations are small, how these populations can best be managed, and which species to prioritise.
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C·I·B UP Hub Staff

Kerryn Grenfell
Part-time Administrator
Kerryn is the part-time administrative / field technician based at the University of Pretoria and contributes towards the establishment of a northern node of the C·I·B at UP. She assists C·I·B members of the northern node with administrative duties and coordinates research activities that form part of the existing long-term Sani Pass (Drakensberg) project conducted by Dr. Berndt van Rensburg and Dr. Mark Robertson at UP.