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A framework for engaging stakeholders on the management of alien species

Workshop participants, Cape Town, South Africa

As conflict of interests around alien species can prevent the success of management actions, an international team of researchers and managers, including C·I·B researchers, have recently developed a 12-step framework for engaging stakeholders on the management of alien species.

Novel and disrupted trophic links following invasion in freshwater ecosystems

Individual Mesocosm UK

Freshwater ecosystems are under threat from many stressors, including climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and the invasion of non-native species. These stressors can have direct impacts on individuals (e.g. survival, reproduction), populations (e.g. range, abundance) and communities (e.g. biodiversity, richness).

Global insect invasions are difficult to predict from distribution models alone

Non-native invasive insects have major impacts on ecosystem function, agricultural production and human health. To make better predictions of where such species may establish and invade, species distribution models (SDMs) are widely used tools to predict potential distributions and invasion extents across new geographical areas.