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Alien plant invasions as a threat to native plant species – Moving beyond a focus on EXTINCTIONS

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Alien plants are widely recognised as a global threat to biodiversity. Many invasive plant species have transformed the structure and functioning of ecosystems. Although hundreds of alien plant species are widespread invaders, there are no documented examples of native plants that have gone extinct solely as a result of alien plants…

Barriers to the management of Prosopis (mesquite), a widespread invasive tree

Species have been moved around the world for many reasons and have led to the rise of biological invasions which are a major driver of ecological and social change globally. One such species, Prosopis (mesquite), has been introduced to over 100 countries globally, both accidently and purposefully to act as an agroforestry tree.

C·I·B workshop leads to special issue on insect invasions

Workshop candidates - outdoor

The insects are a group that has been underrepresented in the field of invasion biology, despite their impacts on agricultural production (e.g. fruit flies), ecosystem disruptions (e.g. ants) and vectors of disease that affect human health (e.g. mosquitoes). Further, much of the theory of invasion biology has come from work focused on plant and vertebrate invasions.