Managing Invasions in Protected Areas

In recognition of the threat that alien species pose to biodiversity and the ecosystem services that flow from healthy native systems, the work of this Research Chair supports management of invasions in protected areas. Through close collaboration with conservation agencies, research projects are structed to address key gaps in knowledge that currently undermine management efforts. Led by Prof. Tammy Robinson-Smythe, this Chair employs excellent research to address applied questions, thus offering a rich training experience to postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


To support the effective and efficient management of alien species in protected areas through excellent research.

The mission of the Chair is to:

  • Safeguard biodiversity and the ecosystem services that protected areas provide to people by undertaking excellent research that facilitates evidence-based management of invasions in conservation areas.
  • Develop tools that support the cost-efficient yet effective management of incursions in protected areas.
  • Build capacity within conservation agencies to strengthen their ability to meet their legal mandate of managing invasions.


Reflective of the diverse challenges posed by invasive species, rich collaborations have been developed with a variety of organizations.

Current collaborations include interactions with:

  • SANParks
  • Cape Nature
  • WWF
  • University of Cape Town
  • SAMPAN (South African Marine Protected Areas Network)


In recognition of the threat posed to protected areas by alien species, this Chair has been generously funded by the Millennium Trust.