1. The low-down on invasion science
  2. Biological invasions and the emergence of invasion science
  3. Ladybirds: Successful invaders in small packages
  4. Alien fish removals: A new beginning for the Rondegat River;
    and Career profile: Leonne Adams
  5. Disruptive interactions: Predator-prey relationships in invasions;
    and Career profile: Sebataolo Rahlao
  6. Career profiles: Tlou Manyelo and Tshililo Ramasweila
  7. Land-use planning and biological invasions
  8. Career profiles: Alexis Olds and Ryan Blanchard
  9. Natural fires and plant invaders: What is the link?
  10. Invasive grasses: Africa burns and why this matters for grasses
  11. Ant invasions
  12. Invasive species in pollination networks
  13. Hopping invaders
  14. Winged invaders: Bird introductions; and Career profile: Farai Tererai
  15. Getting the message across: The Iimbovane Outreach Project
  16. Marine invasions in South Africa: Patterns and trends
  17. Managing invasions before they become widespread
  18. Cities invaded
  19. Career profile: Dave Richardson
  20. Risk assessment: A key tool for reducing the incidence and impacts of invasions
  21. Stakeholder involvement: Making strategies workable
  22. Career profiles: Mark Robertson and Ulrike Irlich
  23. Career profile: Cang Hui


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