The C·I·B produces graduates who are sought after for their knowledge, creative and critical thinking and for their expertise in the fields of biodiversity science and invasion biology. We encourage co-supervision and interdisciplinary work and welcome enquiries from academics in this regard.

NRF bursaries are available for C·I·B post-graduate students who work with our core team members, and for students who work on projects that are aligned with our research focus, but whose supervisor is not a core team member. Applications for these bursaries are made on the  NRF online system and linked to the C·I·B as an additional reference in the fields provided in the application..

The C·I·B also funds students through contract agreements with a range of organisations working in the invasion science field, e.g. Natural Resources Management Programme of DEFF and donor funding.

Post-doctoral funding opportunities are available through our core team members at our partner universities and are funded directly by the C·I·B and its partners.

The range of projects on offer are provided in the project descriptions and applicants can also propose their own invasion science projects.

Application deadlines

  • First-time Masters Scholarships 18 June 2020
  • First-time Doctoral Scholarships 3 July 2020
  • Honours Scholarships 31 August 2020

Note: New dates will be advertised as soon as these become available.

For information on how to apply for a bursary please download and view the C·I·B Bursary Information pamphlet.