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Farai in Germany

Pre- departure:
I’ve always disliked the concept of conformity. It is this dislike that drove me to apply for the Summer School opportunities at the Post Graduate & International Office. I did not simply want to obtain my degree and have an ordinary University experience like many others. I aimed to further my education and gain new knowledge. Despite my second year status, I decided to apply anyway with the faith that my results and campus involvement were adequate enough for me to qualify for this trip. At a later stage I was informed that I was nominated and accepted to participate in the Summer School Program with three other Masters Students. Intimidation does not merely describe how I initially felt; however, the joy of being accepted prompted me to be more confident amongst the fellow South African travellers.
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Cecile in Austria

Preparation for the Summer School

I first heard about the summer school in Austria from a friend of mine who attended it in 2013 and immediately thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to not only study abroad, but also travel during the June/July holidays. This thought sparked numerous sleepless nights and days spend in anguish waiting to hear if I had been accepted.
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