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Jason in Portugal

Jason attended a summer school with the theme Optimization and Decision Support Systems for Supply Chains (III) (Portalegre, Portugal). Here is his story.

After receiving notification about a summer school in Portugal I decided to take a chance and seek funding for a cultural and academic journey. After hearing of funding opportunities from friends I thought that I might have a chance at this experience. Applying for funding was easy, a simple mail and I was given all the details and information I required. The personnel at the university are friendly and helpful. Travelling from South Africa abroad has some challenges though. With the weakening rand my initial funding was only sufficient for my plane ticket and visa. Fortunately I was able to seek additional funding from my department. I offered to bring back knowledge to help my fellow students who I would have to leave behind. This would be in the form of a colloquium and a workshop. With funding for fees and accommodation I was set. All I needed to do was conquer the hurdle of travelling with the Green Mamba passport which many countries are afraid of.

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